The Fatherless Days is a deliciously long form comic, and as such, requires that you have some way to stay in the loop of when new comics are posted. I’ve crafted three ways for you, my most esteemed reader, to stay up to date. These are of course in addition to the classic internet way to stay updated, which is to just add the comic to your favorites, and swing by every so often. Without further ado, here are the options:

1. The RSS Feed

If you’re like me, stuck in the technological glory days that was the pre-2013 internet, then you might still be using an RSS aggregator. If so, you’re in luck. as the comic is served up in a timely manner via our RSS feed. Here’s the Fatherless feed.

If you do not use an RSS aggregator, then feel free to move along. If you’re intrigued, I can recommend checking out The Old Reader (my personal viewer of choice) and the wikipedia page on this beautiful, dying content delivery method.

2. The Dedicated Subreddit

Reddit is the website that the comic’s discussion appears on. Each comic page will get a dedicated discussion thread, but the platform also allows for user generated posts and topics as well. If you’d like to join in on the discussion and also post your thoughts, head on over and dig in. I’ll be pretty active in that forum, answering questions and generally nerding out.

3. The Facebook Group 

Like reddit, there will be a post for each comic and an opportunity for discussion. Sharing facebook posts is a phenomenal way to help expand the readership of the comic. It will also give you and your loved ones something to talk about over brunch. Here’s the link.

4. The Instagram Account

There will be a post on Instagram for each comic as well as assorted in-process sketches and behind the scenes snippets. Link here.

5. The Tumblr Page

Just like instagram, but different in that “tumblr” and “instagram” are spelled differently. Otherwise, these are pretty much the same thing. Here’s the link.

And that’s it. Please feel free to double, triple, quadruple, or even…dare I suggest it?…QUINTUPLE dip in the above options. Honestly, if you’ve read this far down, I appreciate you.