Hello all!

I’ve been hard at work outlining the next chapter and I’m about ready to start it up. Next week I’ll be posting the cover to the third chapter. In the meantime, here’s a process gif of one of my favorite pages from Ch. 2. If you like this, I posted another process gif previously  as well.

Here’s a slightly modified quote from the first process image explaining the steps:

  1. Scan – I scan in my scan in my pencilwork
  2. Linework –  I adjust some sliders to make it look more like ink.
  3. Add text and text bubbles – I used to add this later on in the process. However, I find that sometimes I need to move around my linework to accommodate some of the text and it’s much easier to adjust things before the colors are put in.
  4. Add color flats – When you’re a famous, you pay someone else to do this fairly tedious task for you. I do have a secret method to make this better.
  5. Add lighting/shading – a.k.a. how to make cool looking art the hard way
  6. Add textures – a.k.a. how to make cool looking art the cheap and easy way. I’m slightly ashamed at how much I rely on this step to make things palatable.