This is the first interchapter piece of content: a progress gif of my favorite page from chapter 1.

Roughly, here are the steps shown:

  1. Linework – I scan in my scan in my pencilwork and work some magic with sliders to make it appear to look like ink.
  2. Add text and text bubbles – I used to add this later on in the process. However, I find that sometimes I need to move around my linework to accommodate some of the text and it’s much easier to adjust things before the colors are put in.
  3. Add color flats – When you’re a famous, you pay someone else to do this fairly tedious task for you. I do have a secret method to make this better.
  4. Adjust brightness
  5. Add textures – a.k.a. how to make cool looking art the cheap and easy way. I’m slightly ashamed at how much I rely on this step to make things palatable.
  6. Add all the various lights – Adding lighting makes everything look much more 3 dimensional.

And that’s it.

Since making comics isn’t my full-time job, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to pare down the process into the simplest set of steps that yield the best looking comic. I try and find the point of diminishing returns and stop there. I’m pretty happy with the results, but I’m always looking for shortcuts and process improvements (hit me up if you have a suggestion).

But man, would I love to have a legitimate colorist get a hold of my linework. I mostly just feel my way around in the dark and splash color here and there.