Backgrounds on backgrounds on backgrounds!

Also, this week I participated in a silly Pokémon meme. A lot of artists have been drawing themselves as gym leaders in the Poké-universe under the hashtag #gymleadersona. Annnnnd, not to be one that is left out of a Pokémon themed party, I partook and tossed my digitally painted hat into the ring:

I’m just a big proponent of my favorite mons. Especially my baby boy, Tauros. Way back in the day when I battled other middle schoolers in a club that was called “Lego Club”, but was secretly just a front for Pokémon club, my Tauros “Braveheart” was my squad leader. And really, he was the heart of the team. From then until now, I think Tauros has been critically undervalued, so I like to hype him in all possible settings.